Bash Booths is excited to share that we now offer a green screen backdrop option inside our fabulous cabana tent! In the past the biggest criticism of green screens is how ugly they are. And we get it, if you are having an event in a classy venue or just want a cool atmosphere the traditional green screen set up is not very cool! Now, if this is what you want you can do it and keep your style points!

Be sure to remember the cabana tent is 10’X5′ and needs at least 10′ ceilings, 12′ would be better but we can make it work with 10′. Also, make sure the venue is ok with taping down a couple extension cords. You will be able to pick four (4) photos to use as the background image. I will need to make sure they are large enough in resolution and format. But that’s my problem, that’s why you pay me the big bucks!

Reserve it today for your event: Reservation Request